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At one time in my life I thrived on routine and habitual acts that I could count on doing.  I think pretty much all young children thrive with some kind of routine.  Some grow out of that……some dont.  It definitely took me a long time to grow out of it in some areas.  It was a forced growth in others.  I married a military man.  The way his military career was, we were moving less than ever 2 years.  That can force some serious change growth!  As it turned out, every move we made was clear across to the other coast so, it was night and day just in the weather difference.  Add in new living spaces needing new or different furniture.  Of course we needed to set up our home differently in every place to accomodate the new space.  The list goes on and on….new doctors, new markets, new recreational stuff…..  The moves challenged me in many ways.  In the end, it was all a good thing but, it didn’t always feel like that at the time.  Now, I LOVE change!  I get bored without it.  When we separated from the military and settled down….it was about 3 years in and I was begging for some change in our home especially.  I still loved our house but, I was so sick and seeing the same set up every day.  I started rearranging furniture…..buying new stuff…..painting….all that only goes so far.  Now, the only routine I seem to have is in direct relation to my children’s schedules.  When they need to go to school or lessons here or there.  I used to be very dedicated to certain TV shows….now I only have a couple I’ve been watching regularly.  I’ll find a good one and then forget about it before it’s on again.  My very latest venture is hair color!  I’m totally addicted to changing my hair color all the time.  It’s not blonde, then brown and maybe some red.  We’re talking crazy colors.  At the moment my hair color is pink and violet.  Only they are starting to fade now so, the violet is more light blue/green.  I’m also more apt to accept new style trends and own it.  That is something that would’ve been very outside my comfort zone a few years back.

Here’s my daughter and I with some foils in and showing off her color.

Ok, I know….enough with my silly changes……what’s my point???  All this change that I was so reluctant to and struggled to be at peace with, has brought me amazing PEACE!  Whatever it is…..I’m generally cool with it.  Ok, not in ALL aspects of my life but, hey I’m a work in progress and someday…..it may just be that ALL aspects of my life are “cool with whatever” and it’s all about chillaxin’ in the end.  Won’t that be nice?!?!!  **Picturing myself poolside, mountain and lake view, with a lovely beverage in my hand and my favorite snack within reach while I pour into my favorite reads**

It’s interesting to watch the people in your life react to change or lack thereof.  You can learn a lot about someone really quickly if you just clue in to their response to change.  Chances are, if you are anti change…..the people you are around most probably are cool with it.  This isn’t the case all the time of course but, how often can a couple major control freaks who hate change, really ever agree on anything or be at peace.  It’s likely they always go to the same place for lunch because, not only do they not want to change but, could they even agree on another place??

Learning to deal with change will help you excel in your life.  Not only will you broaden your horizons and allow yourself to experience new things but, it will teach you to be flexible.  I ask you, look at your life and the people you deal with in your life……wouldn’t being flexible make things a lot easier on everyone?  Being flexible can be a serious challenge to control freaks **Here I am in all my control freak glory needing to take my own advice** Having to be flexible means you are not always going to be in control of the situation.  It means possibly allowing others around you to run the show.  DON’T PANIC!!!  It’s OK if someone else takes the reins for a minute.  This will give you time to relax and breath!  Know that although change can be extra hard for a control freak, that most of the time, you can be in CONTROL of the changes yourself……eventually, you’ll have learned how to be flexible without even thinking about it.  Trust me……learning flexibility is the key to chillaxin’!

Lets start pushing your change limits.

~Have you had the same haircut for you can’t tell me how many years?  If so, I challenge you to get a new one.  Not just a little extra trim off the bottom but, one that will actually CHANGE the way you need to do your hair in the morning.  Poor Donald Trump just can’t get out of his hair rut…. 

~Are you in a make-up rut?  When’s the last time you tried a new color on your eyes?  How about…..dare I say….a new brand of make-up?  Make 1 change to your make-up routine…..either a new brand of something or even just a new color on your lips.

~What’s your closet look like?  5 of the same shirt but, different colors?  When you find that awesome top, I say….grab a few colors!!  Then, go find another style and add that to your wardrobe too.  Don’t wear the exact same style 2 days in a row only a different color.  Trust me, the people around you will notice that and it’s not just the judgmental chicks who will notice 😉

~Do you have the same workout routine that you do at the same time of day every time you workout?  If so, this has got to change!  Your body has undoubtedly stalled and isn’t showing you results anymore.  Your body gets used to the same workout and will stop responding to it.  To read more on this, read this post .  Working out at the same time of day isn’t that big of a deal.  Most people have no choice but to consistently do their workout either before or after work.  That said, it’s kind of fun to see what working out at different times of the day does for us.  You may be surprised how that endorphin response changes your day or your evening.

~How many times have you gone to the same restaurant and ordered the same order.  If you go in and the wait staff already know your order before you open your mouth…..time to try one of the other awesome selections.  After all…..if you love the one dish, you’ll likely like another.  The restaurant can’t stay in business with only one good dish.  Just think if you had more than one choice??

I challenge you to pick something and change it in the next week.  You may just surprise yourself with how much you like the new point of view.  Since I want to help you in this process, please chime in and let me know what your change plans are.  Together, we can hold each other accountable on our change journey’s.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my blog.  I hope you found it interesting and informative.  Feel free to share my blog with others.  They might be able to benefit from some change too 😉  

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I confess that I am a sugar addict!!  The terrible substance has a grip on me physically and emotionally like no other substance.  After years of denial and acceptance, I’m now fighting back!!  4 weeks ago I started a sugar detox program.  My health coach Sandra Brougher has been guiding me through the program.  I’ve surprised myself with how much determination and willpower I’ve had.  It’s not really the norm for me.  Today I took my kids out for ice cream and I didn’t have even a tiny lick.  3 weeks ago there would’ve been no way I would’ve restrained.

One thing I found out really quickly is when you’re used to having sweet treats like a nibble of chocolate here and a cookie there…..it’s very hard to have raw almonds as the go to.  It’s of course NOT the only go to item but, I’m not great at thinking outside the box.  As I mentioned earlier, I have an emotional attachment to the sweet drug as well so, often times I’m grabbing for that fix in times of trial **Imagine 3 year old crapping his pants for the 4th time that day**  Reaching for an almond just doesn’t deliver the same ***Aaaaahhhhhh….nirvana….moment***

This is why I created these.  I know there must be a bazillion recipes out there for similar lovelies so, if this one doesn’t strike your fancy then, explore for some others.


I ditched the box of bisquick for making pancakes years ago.  I wanted to control the type of flour, baking soda, baking powder etc….  Then I started to get the healthy bug so, my flour changed to whole grain, my eggs became free range, my milk became raw milk etc….etc….Pancakes have always been a lovely munchie for me regardless of topping (although nutella, bananas and/or pure maple syrup make me smile).  When I started this sugar detox, I knew I needed something to turn to so….I took my usual recipe and tweaked it for my needs.

Here’s my recipe, I use the term loosely because, I rarely measure and generally just throw things together ;o)

2 Cups Almond meal

1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (either original or vanilla)

2 Eggs (preferably pasture eggs but, what-ev)

1 Tsp Baking Soda

1 Tsp Baking Powder (I like the gluten-free brand)

**That’s the base recipe that doesn’t really change….below is how I kick it up a notch**

1 Tsp either Pure Vanilla Extract or Almond Extract (just depends on my mood)

1.5 Tbsp of Raw Cacao Powder (I use the Navitas brand.  It’s organic and doesn’t have any additives)

3-4 Tbsp unsweetened Coconut flakes (add more if you love it….it’s a great stabilizer, texture and good fat to add to your day)

**Now I really kick it up a nutritional notch**

1-2 Tbsp Flax Meal

2 Tsp Chia seeds (I grind mine up to a powder **Hello floss if you don’t!!**

1 scoop of Green Super Foods (I prefer the chocolate flavor myself)

I blend all of the above in my Blendtec (which I’m totally in love with).  Using a blender will definitely help mix all that awesomeness up in a hurry.  If the consistency doesn’t look like your typical batter then add more of the Unsweetened almond milk until it’s what you want.  ***NOTE: these don’t hold together like regular pancakes they are a bit more delicate so, if you go too thin, you’ll have some trouble with flippage etc….***

I prefer a cast iron pan and only use Coconut Oil for this…..butter would certainly be acceptable as well but, I’m really not into the sprays.

I spread this awesomeness on these beauties


I’ve been making about a batch or 2 a week.  I keep them in the fridge and zap 2 or 3 in the microwave for 10 sec for a treat when I feel the need.  With all that extra goodness packed in there I feel good eating them and staying on target for my goals.

I hope you love them as much as I do!!!

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We live in a world where there are rules.  These are in place for a good reason most of the time.  Forgive this post as I rant on about a huge pet peeve of mine.

Why is it that when rules are laid out and clearly known, do some people choose to totally ignore them as if they don’t apply to them and just the entire rest of the population??

Yes, there is “NO PARKING” there because, if you park there NO ONE can drive through thanks to your car taking up the entire lane…..oh but please, do go ahead and park there anyway because, it’s somehow made your life easier.

I see that you have a “Handicap placard” hanging on your rearview mirror.  Funny that I see you bounding out of your vehicle only to grab a baby to throw on your hip and a toddler by the hand as you walk easily into the market.  I’ll let poor Joe know that although he’s in a wheelchair that he pulls out of his backseat and miraculously gets in all on his own, to fight his way inside, all the while his recycle bags are threatening to leap off his lap in the gusty wind…..that your need for the spot was greater than his.

Such a huge bummer that we’re in this major drought and all our lawns look brown and yucky. That only 2 days a week watering restriction doesn’t make many of us happy but, most of us are glad we still have water coming out of our faucets.  It’s interesting that Jack across the street has an amazingly plush green lawn with gorgeous seasonal blooms all over to adorn all his lovely yard statues.  It’s also interesting that when he throws on his head lamp every night to steal water in the stealthiest way possible, that he chooses to raise his head and shine his bright ass light into our window!

Honestly folks!!  Are people really that crass and full of themselves that they feel it’s totally ok to break the rules for their convenience or whenever the spirit moves them?  OR  Do they know it’s not okay, feel really guilty but, do it anyway hoping to do a bigger better good deed later to adjust their karma?  OR  Are they all insecure people that do these things to try and feel like a bad ass and look cool?  Please tell me because, for the life of me, I can’t stop myself from imagining myself walking up to them, looking them square in the eye and then **Flick** right in the middle of their forehead!

That said…..I realize there are times when rules are LAME!!  They can be archaic and so outdated the fact they’ve stayed that way this long is ridiculous.  I know that sometimes, there are emergencies and breaking a rule is necessary for the greater good in that moment.  I’m talking about the rules that are there for a very good damn reason!  “Yes, you idiot…..you should only put 1 quit smoking patch on your body at a time….by sticking 17 of them on and in your body, you have caused your body to go into total shock and it’s time to go to the hospital now.  Good news though….your room is non-smoking so your temptation won’t be in your face for the next 48hrs.” **True story from back in my medical days**

Do rule breakers make you MAD??  Are you a rule breaker and can share with me a perspective I clearly just don’t get?

I’m off to sleep now because, I’m supposed to get 8hrs of sleep ;o) Haha!

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