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Hi Friends!!!

I’m SO stoked to get back on my blogging band wagon with a scheduled time to post **here’s hoping there’s no more back burner pushing**.  Which leads me to my topic of discussion today.  I needed an intervention….a serious sit down and refocus!!  I’ve been feeling overwhelmed.  I knew it was because, I wasn’t fixing things and making time for things that will feed my soul and my happy home.  I’ve gotten serious about getting my house in order.  I have FlyLady to thank for that.  I’m also being much more diligent about using a calendar.  I’m loving this Cozy Calendar   I also use the app on my phone, ipad and have it on my hubsters phone too.  It’s a one family account deal and auto syncs any additions to the calendar, lists etc automatically….to keep everyone in the know. 

Is there a place in your life that you’d like an intervention and/or support?  It might be something so small but, with a little support and accountability it, could make your life much fuller.  Even the smallest, mundane changes can do miracles!!

My very dear Cousin-in-law, Ashley has requested an intervention/support to make some changes in her life.  Here’s a link to her blog to read her story.

I’m very excited to help Ashley reach her goals.  That said, I know I won’t be helping her all on my own.  I look to all my resources for advice and new information that will help my clients and loved ones.  For example, you’ll see in Ashley’s story, she mentioned that I have her doing “potty squats”.  Well, I didn’t make that one up on my own.  My awesome sister extraordinaire came up with that one.  She burst that one onto the scene when she started her excellent blog series “Writers Butt”.  If you do anything creative or just need to really amp up the brain activity at work, you need to read Ginger’s *sister extraordinaire* blog and especially her Writers Butt posts which generally go live on Wednesdays.

We’ll be tackling things like Ashley’s dislike of water and how to overcome an aversion to a drink so vitally important to your health.  We’ll also be talking about how to make slow changes to better your chances at maintaining your new healthy lifestyle.  Most often, folks get really gung-ho about getting healthy then promptly turn their lives upside down and last a week or so before, they say “Yeah, whatever, I want to enjoy my life not, live longer and suffer the whole time”.  The reality is, that with slow changes, new perspectives, new loves for food and movement, you will love your healthier lifestyle far more than the one you lived being sick.

So, look inward now.  What intervention and/or support do you need?  How can I help you reach your goals?  NOW is ALWAYS the BEST time to get STARTED!!!  **Yes, I LOVE SHOUTY CAPITALS** 🙂


//Thank you to Google Images for the photos in this post//

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Not a tease…..

The week got away from me and I’m not ready to blog about a new endeavor I’m starting up. I promise, I’m not really a tease but, I just need some more research and compiling time.

Hope all of you peeps have an AWESOMESAUCE weekend!!!!

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Miss me??  Probably not but, please pretend, so I don’t cry my eyes out 😉  It’s been a bit of a soul searching summer for me.  Now I’m ready to roll out a new endeavor that will not only help me but, someone who’s very dear to my heart.

With this I’ll be implementing new changes in my own life but, also changes in someone else’s.  Hopefully, **all arrows point to a resounding WOOHOO!!** they will be very positive changes that will lead to much fuller and happier lives.  Here’s a look back at how in favor I am of change

I little side bar here to commend someone with their leap of faith.  Tameri Etherton showed how much of an inner goddess she has and the rockstar she is by throwing some ADORAZING fuchsia color in her hair.  I’m super proud of her and think she’s totally rocking her new look!  Her latest post is so funny about a massage gone all kinds of wrong.  Thankfully she shares her horrific experience in her glorious way producing some serious belly laughs for us all to start our week off great!

Hope your Monday didn’t give you a case of the “Maunday’s” and look forward to sharing more about our new endeavors later this week.

***Smile as much as you can and your day will always get better!!***

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