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Are you thinking I’m nuts?  Although you are certainly right about that most of the time, in this instance, I’m totally not!  This is the deal about basically, every fitness program out there; whatever, you are doing, your body will acclimate and then “plateau” or stop changing.  If you want to continue your exact same exercise routine then eventually, the only way you’ll see change is if you change your nutrition.

Ok, let’s break this down….

If you go running and run a mile everyday for a week.  You’ll initially see change.  Likely you’ll start to feel more energy and depending on your nutrition, you may even lose a bit of weight.  However, if you do exactly that for 3 weeks and change nothing…most likely, you won’t lose a pound or feel any difference or change after week 1.  It’s possible, you may even revert back to your old energy level.


Take that same distance and run a different route on different terrain, you’ll find much better success.  

At least for a while.  Your body will become accustom to even that.  It’ll know, “oh, it’s the Monday route”

What you want to do is do something different all the time.  Sometimes, run a shorter distance, other times run a long way.  Also, don’t just run.  Switch your workouts as well as the duration of them.  Constantly varying your exercise routine will successfully confuse your body.  By doing that, your body will keep itself in a “I’m ready for whatever you’re gonna throw at me” state.  This is where you want your body to be.  It’s conducive to getting the best from your body and your active life.

Another aspect….

Here’s the next BIG piece of the puzzle

What are you eating?  You can exercise in a constantly varied manor and you’ll still not reach your full potential unless you pay close attention to your nutrition.

I don’t need to tell you there are A LOT of diets out there.  Everyone’s goal should be to follow a clean, whole foods, nutritious way of eating.  One of the most popular diets that follows that is “Paleo” eating or “The Caveman Diet”.


This said, every body is different and needs different things to keep itself in tip top health. Finding out what YOUR body needs will take some trial and error.  You’re options are shooting in the dark to find out where your nutritionally deficient and fixing it or you can find a “Health Coach”.  Health Coaches have gone through extensive training and know how to find out where people need to make changes not only nutritionally but, in every aspect of their lives to help them live their best life.  Here’s a link to one I know and love Sandra Brougher  You don’t have to be local to your Health Coach.


You being healthy is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in your life.  Without your health you can’t, be the awesome parent, friend, family member, coach, employee, student…etc…etc…There is no aspect of your life that won’t be better if you’re healthy.


There are people all around you; professionals, friends, family members, acquaintances that have this knowledge and want to help you find your best health.  JUST GO ASK!!!! I’m/we’re waiting for your call/text/email! 😉

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