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It’s election year.  Politics is out in full force and making everyone pretty grouchy.  Everyone’s religion or folks that are not religious are being attacked for their choices.  Everyone has to/wants to be right so, as everyone gets more and more opinionated in election year, they find it a very hard pill to swallow as others don’t agree with them. It’s time to LIGHTEN UP peeps!!  We all just need to smile and laugh at least a little bit every day.  “Laughter is the best medicine.” and “Smile, it increases your facial value.” Quotes from the movie “Steel Magnolias” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098384/ This movie is a personal favorite of mine.  Although you certainly have a high probability of shedding some tears, there are SO many hysterical scenes and lines in this movie!

If everyone could just follow a daily recipe of smiling and laughter, their lives would lift a little just for those short moments at least.  Will it fix all your problems?  Probably not, but, it’s proven to relieve stress so, at a minimum those stress knots at your shoulders and neck might loosen just a tad. In my efforts to help you along the way to a daily laughter agenda, I’m including some videos and pictures that are fail proof ways to bring a smile to your face at least.  If none of them don’t, you’re a robot…..get help immediately!!  No seriously….one of them should make you smile??!!?!


Image provided by Google Images

I can’t think of a single person that can keep a straight face when a baby belts out that full on belly laugh.  Just like the baby in this You Tube video below.

This photo is among some funny ones off this blog post; http://iamdarky.wordpress.com/2011/05/15/funny-stuff-on-the-net-2-bathrooms/


Another movie I adore is “When Harry Met Sally”  Here’s a spoof video I found on “Funny or Die” ***BE WARNED this video has gore in it so, don’t watch if you are easily grossed out***  Also, if you’ve never seen “When Harry Met Sally”, this video won’t make much sense to you and therefore might not be funny to you.


I could post more and more photos and videos but, let’s just reserve some for posts down the road shall we??  

My hope is that you will strive to smile and laugh everyday.  It will make your days and life better, I assure you!

Tell me what makes you laugh?  Is there a joke, type of photos or movie that makes you just roll on the floor with laughter so much that you pee a little and get an amazing ab workout?


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SOPA/PIPA Protest!

I have a few new blog posts in mind but they will have to wait.  My blog will be inactive tomorrow in protest of the SOPA/PIPA bills currently going through the house and senate for approval.  I’m not okay with censorship and more than that, I’m not okay with someone taking away my freedom of speech.  Please join me and the plethora of other people and companies and don’t use the internet tomorrow.  It’s only 1 day.  Together we can show them that we are not okay with their plans.

Here is a link to SOPA Strike for more information and to see who are confirmed to have inactive sites tomorrow;


Here are links to blog posts with more information on the bills themselves with resources to learn even more;



Although I will be inactive on the internet tomorrow, fear not my friends, I will be back on Thursday with a new blog post and lots of action on my FB and Twitter pages.  Do, take a breath again as I know you stopped breathing at the thought of me not being on the internet tomorrow.  ***Huge Sigh Of Relief*** Haha!  ;o)


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There’s nothing like seeing something or someone who truly motivates you.  There are a number of things that motivate me but, one of those things are girl power movies.  


For instance, when Linda Hamilton plays Sarah Conner in “The Terminator” (thanks for the photo google images) and kicks major ass.  There are loads of girl power movies that make me feel that way.  When I leave the theater I almost hope for some hooligan to try and come mess with me….I’m so empowered just by seeing the movie that I’m actually convinced for an hour or so that even I could take down a 6’8″ linebacker of a man with ill intentions.  For the record, just writing this post has me thinking I’m a freaking powerhouse (even though my quads are so sore at present that I’m making every effort to be very efficient every time I have to get up) 😉  Haha!!

On an academic level, people like;


Albert Einstein


 Helen Keller

can motivate me to believe I can conquer learning disabilities to learn more and be better on an academic level.

As a fitness trainer I have to (and enjoy) motivating people to be healthy.  Everyone is so different as to what motivates them.  As I’m helping clients through a workout, some of them need me to tell them how good they are doing and that they can get through it.  Other’s wish I would vanish on the spot and just let them get their work done.  In this aspect, I need to learn to read my clients and what they need or don’t need to motivate them through their workout.

When it comes to nutrition, are you someone that has to be around people that are making all good choices to stay on track or are you disciplined enough to be able to say “NO” to the piece of cake even though you may be the only one in the room not eating it.  What or who motivates you to stay on your nutrition band wagon?

In the end


Is what drives us to do whatever it is we are doing.  It could be something effecting us negatively in our life or positively.  You have to be the one to decide which it will be.  So, what motivates you and what are you doing with that motivation?  Is it negative or positive?  Would you change it?


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In the fall of last year I decided to take a blogging/branding class with my sister.  There were almost entirely writers taking the course but, although, I’m not a writer in the usual definition, I felt like the class would certainly teach me about social media, marketing myself (as I think I may need to do in the future) and blogging properly.  Surprise, surprise….life got crazy!!  I found myself not being able to keep up with the class and only being able to properly sort and file the information so, I could go back later to really learn what I was supposed to be learning at the time.  Here I am, 3 months later and in my same boat.  My “Wana peeps” (the class was titled “Wana1011”) have all managed to take their already decent blogs and make them thriving and awesome.  Many of them are now published authors.  They have all become a close group of friends which I missed out on because of “my crazy life”.  Well guess what….I’m calling out my own bull shit!!  My life isn’t any more crazy than anyone else’s.  In fact, it’s probably even tame and uneventful when compared to the majority of my peers.  This is my problem….I’m a “people pleaser”.  I want to say “yes” to anyone who asks anything of me.  Then when no one asks me, I offer.  I’m a terrible procrastinator when the task is something uninviting.  There are plenty of  “FUN” things I want to do and don’t because I feel too guilty doing those if I haven’t done the responsible things on the list first.  Where does that put me you ask?  Well, staring off into space, feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated and unproductive at everything.  There are plenty of valid things I can blame (parenting 2 young children being the most valid) but, it comes down to learning how to prioritize and sticking to that plan no matter how unpleasant it might be to myself or if it disappoints someone around me.  The last part is truly the hardest for me.

I’m going to try my best to turn over a new leaf!  I’m sick of my “to-do” list being never ending and only getting longer because, I’m refusing to get that crap done or working on someone else’s list.  Selfish people anger me but, I guess I’m going to have to find someway to be a little bit selfish to do this.  My hope is that I find that balance and the people around me understand and are supportive of me in that quest.  Part of this process is to expose more of my true self.  I’m not quite as transparent as most people think.  Yes, I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Yes, I want everyone to love me and want me around them.  Yes, I want to know everything about everyone and see everyones photos on facebook whether I know them or not.  I recognize these are all very silly things and I will make my best effort to channel my energy elsewhere.  As you already know, I have a laundry list of things I should be doing with my time!!

If you’ve read this….Thank you for taking an interest!  I’m sorry to have most likely wasted your time on this post.  This one is just an introductory post that will hopefully be the start of an entertaining and possibly informative blog in the future.  About that b log future….My intention is to be as authentic and factual as possible in whatever I blog about.  This might mean, it could be offensive.  I have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor.  I also seem to have views on things that tend to stray from the majority of the public.  One of my favorite lessons…..”People always have the right to turn the channel, close the book or leave the room but, they don’t have the right to not be offended”  I certainly hope I don’t offend you but, if I do…….get over yourself and move on.

Love and Hugs!



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