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Many of us are trying to go the natural route when it comes to our health and wellness.  We are trying to eat less processed foods, exercise more and find a balance that makes us more productive and happy in our lives.  There are SO many ways and small steps to take to get there.  We may drink more water.  Maybe eat that salad and a smaller portion of crap instead of going for that huge combo meal with huge fries.  Much of the time *women especially* are desperate to find that easy road to achieve health, wellness and beauty.  This brings me to my topic today…..I don’t know about you but, I have A LOT of food in my shower.  There’s Apricot’s to scrub my face,  cucumber to tone my legs, white peach and ginger to give me antioxidants and avocado for luscious hair (just to name a few).  Yes, in the end, we are clean and smell delish but, those food products alone aren’t going to give me the results I’m looking for.  You need to actually consume foods and drink the water.  Pouring it down your body and lathering up feels AWESOMESAUCE but, when you step out of that shower and look at nakie in the mirror,  you won’t look much different without putting that food to better use.

Okay, I’ll step off that soapbox because, I’m certain I’ve made my point there.  Now tell me……What food is in your shower?  Just because we know it’s not going to make us AMAZIFUL all by itself, doesn’t mean we all don’t want to feel awesomesauce in the shower!!  You all already know how much I love change.  That goes for pretty much everything in my life, especially shower products.  Which ones do you love?  Do they lift your mood (aside from the automatic mood lift of getting your stink off)?  Are their foods/products that have given you a bad effect or result?  No one wants to ruin their shower *for a mom with young children that’s literally her special time of “OMG if you bother me once more I’m going to go freaking mental!!”* with a bad product.  



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